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Offered services consist of analysis, surveys, simulation, testing, troubleshooting and in general consultancy, addressing electrical and electromagnetic phenomena and related problems.
We cover various fields of engineering: e.g. power generation, transmission and distribution, electrical transportation systems, telecommunications, ships, electric drives and power converters.

Analysis and Simulation of power systems

Using proprietary and commercial software tools ASTM can perform various types of analysis, regarding power quality, voltage induction, behavior in short-circuit conditions, overloading. Static and dynamic scenarios may be implemented:
- an agreed worst-case configuration for a distribution network, e.g. switching off a transformer or maximizing the length of a connecting cable;
- an evolving scenario including train movement and variable operating conditions, leading to the identification of worst-case configurations, without making assumptions.

Analysis and Simulation of earthing systems and stray current

To integrate the capability of commercial software used for the design and verification of main parts of earthing systems, a proprietary tool integrated in traXsim is available. –gnd tool incorporates multi-layer soil models and defines leakage paths for the electric system, to evaluate stray current to earth and leakage current in various parts of the system (e.g. concrete supporting mat and tunnel walls in transportation systems).
Measurements of performances of single elements (insulation, conductance, joint efficiency) as well as of the entire system.

Propagation and coupling of electromagnetic field

Modern transportation systems include wireless and radio systems, implementing e.g. train-to-wayside communication, police and fire fighting support, public service and entertainment. They are sources of electromagnetic field that might have impact on other deployed systems and devices, as well as on humans, in terms of interference and exposure, respectively. Similarly, for other industrial and naval systems, radio coverage is available for normal and emergency situations. Simulation of e.m. field distribution is achieved by means of simplified expressions (Antennas tool) and commercial software for more complex configurations. Tests and measurements may follow, to validate simulation results, to integrate them and whenever they are compulsory by law.

Lightning protection

Lightning protection is a complex subject that involves the correct design of the Lightning Protection System (e.g. compliant with standards, such as EN 62305, and suitable also for exceptional conditions), the evaluation of the impact on the rest of the electric and earthing system (both during discharge and as an additional earthed component), the assessment of the risk for the overall evaluation of the solution as prescribed by standards.

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